And you Pec pod Snezkou can offer interesting?

Pec pod Sn읫ou is an ideal starting point trip to the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, Snezka (1602). Unforgettable impression of your foot leaves out the Giant Mine a superb view. The Sn읫a But you convenient funicular railway. At the top can put up Czech postage, where you can send a postcard with your loved ones a unique stamp. Pec pod Sn읫ou is very attractive even in the summer tourist season, especially for large-scale network of high quality, well-marked and undemanding of interconnected walking trails which will lead you to other parts of the picturesque. They are walking trails around the ovens, Wolf Pit, Green mine, Šraml, Aichelburg. For families with children, but for all who like a little adrenaline is running Relaxpark with mountain bobsleigh track, slides, trampoline, playground, park and ride rope on a pulley.
For lovers of good rounds are prepared routes in mountainous terrain. Wheels can easily export the lift hill and lift Brown Portᙫy Great ٰa. A new summer season of 2009 is a lookout tower with three lookout platforms near the upper station chairlifts Brown Hill, an ideal place for wonderful panoramic views. If you want to experience the unusual experience during the summer months, you can visit the underground Snezka - historic mine in Forge Giant mine. When you visit Pec pod Sn읫ou but you just need to relax in the sauna, swimming pool, fitness, wellness, or to galvanize the squash, bowling and richochetu.
Ski resort Smet୫a one of the best downhill terrain in the Czech Republic. Ten lifts and 1 four-seater chair lift with a total length of almost 9000 m carry 9630 skiers per hour. Variously demanding and long runs every night are perfectly adapted to modern grooming, and snow cannons in the evening hours of operation are 3 ski lifts with artificial lighting. If you nep�ete your equipment, you can rent the entire ski equipment directly in Pec. Want to learn snowboarding or skiing? Many ski schools Smet୫a is ready to pay you. If you want to spend a holiday not only skiing or hiking, you can many other activities.
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